Thursday, June 2, 2016

Amy's Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist Series: Early Labor vs. Real Labor

Signs of Premature Labor:
  • Leaking or discharge (clear, bloody, or brown)
  • Loss of mucus plug
  • Contractions every 10 minutes or more.
  • Cramps with or without diarrhea
  • Pelvic Pressure (baby dropping)
  • Backache
    • Lie down and relax
    • Drink lots of water
    • Rest & wait, if symptoms don't get better in an hour, call your doctor!
    • If symptoms go away, lay low, put your feet up, & talk to your doctor!

Stages of Labor:
  • First Stage: Start of contractions that cause effacement and dilation of cervix.
    • Early Labor - cervix effaces and dilates
    • Active Labor/ Transition - cervix dilates more rapidly, contractions are longer, stronger, and closer
  • Second Stage: Labor begins when fully dilated and ends with birth
  • Third Stage: Right after birth, and you deliver the placenta

First Stage of Labor:
Coping skills for Labor pains &  when to go to the hospital
  • Early Labor
    • Time Contractions, record them!
    • Take a shower or bath
    • Listen to relaxing music
    • Try slow, deep breathing
    • Change positions
    • Drink water, juice or other clear liquids
    • Eat light healthy snacks
    • Apply ice packs or heat to your lower back
    • Rest as much as you can!!
    • If contractions are 5 minutes apart, call your doctor & go to the hospital!
    • If your water breaks, STOP! Record the time, color, odor, and general amount. Call your doctor & go to the hospital!
  • Active Labor/ Transition
    • Take a walk
    • Take a warm shower or bath
    • Rock in rocking chair
    • Roll on birthing ball
    • Massage
    • Change positions - if pressure in lower back, get on all fours
    • Cool cloth on forehead/ cold pack or warm compress on back
    • Rest between contractions!

Second Stage of Labor: Pushing Baby Out

  • Find a comfortable birthing position: Squatting, sitting, kneeling, or hands and knees.
  • Imagine the  hard contractions are helping your baby to move down and out with each contraction.
  • Stay Positive! You have made it this far, focus on one contraction at a time. Remind yourself that you are doing a great job and that the baby's arrival is near!
  • Relax your upper body and focus on pushing where it counts

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