Monday, May 30, 2016

Amy's Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist Series: 3rd Trimester

To Do - 3rd Trimester:

  • Practice relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Is your ring tight? (Get a larger temporary ring, or take it off.)
  • Learn what your body will be like after birth and what you can do to prepare
  • Do exercises & stretches that will prepare you for Delivery
  • Review your Birth Plan
  • Make a plan for when you go into labor (who will you call, where will you go, how long will you wait until you go to the hospital, who will watch the kids, etc.)
  • Make a list of who to contact when baby arrives with phone #'s and/or  e-mails. (Think about delegating to someone who would love to get the word out, like your mom or mother-in-law, or both if you have big families)
  • Make birth announcements (paper or electronic)
  • Wash linens and just enough baby clothes for a few days. If baby is big, you may need to return some of the clothes that were given to you.
  • Clean house, or have it cleaned
  • Keep up on car & home maintenance/ fix anything if needed
  • Assemble baby gear (crib, bouncer, stroller, car seat, etc...)
  • Stock up on household supplies (better to have it now, to avoid sending an already exhausted husband to the store for a late night pick up)
    • Pantry items
    • Frozen food/freezer meals (you might want to really stock these)
    • Toiletries, toilet paper, bathroom items
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Medicine cabinet
    • First aid/emergency kit
    • Diapers/wipes
  • Call insurance to find out when you can add Baby to the policy
  • Enjoy the last few kicks & the feeling of having baby inside of you.
  • Find where breastfeeding groups meet, and how often. Know where to get help if you need it!
  • Be prepared for water to break/ mucus plug/ bloody show (mine never broke until I was at the hospital with both deliveries, but I’ve heard stories of people walking in the store and it happened. You truly never know when to expect it.).
  • Take time to rest
  • If baby is overdue, try tricks to bring on Labor, relax, and try to get as much rest as you can.

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