Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amy's Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist Series: 2nd Trimester

To Do - 2nd Trimester:
  • Track food and water intake to make sure weight gain is healthy
  • Review Baby Registry
  • Narrow in on a few baby names
  • Talk with daddy about parenting and life after baby comes
  • Talk about work plans, maternity leave and paternity leave
  • Write a birth plan. Discuss with your spouse about the option of cutting the umbilical cord, and circumcision. Talk about cost and coverage. (Also, make a plan for a cesarean section, in case of an emergency. I know from experience it is better to have talked about it than to go in thinking all will be fine. I had a C-section thinking that I would go all natural. Talk about it! I hope you don’t have to worry about it, but it’s good to be ready if you need it!)
  • Ask for helpers for when baby comes
  • Pre-register at hospital or birthing center.
  • Sign up for breastfeeding class (knowing from experience, it is better to know before hand how a baby should latch on.)
  • Purchase a few different types of nipple shields to try at the hospital.
  • Talk to your baby (you might not have a name picked out yet, but it's good to start a relationship now)
  • Count fetal movements daily:
    • Look at the clock and begin counting every motion your baby makes.
    • When you have counted 10 movements, not the time.
    • Generally, you should notice 10 movements in 10 minutes, although it may take longer of your child to move or for you to notice the activity.
    • Have a little snack if you haven't noticed that much activity; then try counting again.
    • If two hours pass without 10 movements, call your practitioner, just in case.
    • Make a habit to check in regularly with your little one as your due date gets closer.
  • Baby proof and do a safety check (crawl around on your hands and knees, look for anything that could fall, get knocked down, poke or scrape easily, or entangle)
  • Find a pediatrician (if you’re having a boy, talk about circumcision)
  • Get a haircut

My Tips & Tricks:

If you plan on breastfeeding, and it isn’t working out,  it's not always a mother's fault that a baby is not latching correctly. My first son had a tight jaw and tongue, he couldn't coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing, and he would arch his back. It wasn’t until we took him to a Craniosacral Therapist for a few months that his tight jaw and tongue loosened and he stopped arching. But as his latch improved my flow became too fast, and he would refuse me after let down. Ultimately we chose to switch to bottle feeding after 2 1/2 months. 

With my second son, he was eager to nurse right off the bat, he latched on beautifully, and we never had any issues. The only time we had any issues was when I slept on my stomach,  my son slept through the night, and I ended up with a plugged duct. But I used some cabbage leafs in my bra, pumped, nursed, and massaged like crazy, and I was able to get it out without having to go to the doctor! Woo Hoo! 

All in all, I hope you have more of an experience like my second son. But as an experienced mom, I suggest that you do what you can to learn about breastfeeding now. Make sure you have resources handy. If, in the end, you are not able to breastfeed, you are not alone, don't get down on yourself! Sometimes it's better for you and the baby to go to bottle feeding. That doesn't mean you are any less of a mother, or that you failed. No matter how you feed your baby, you will still be a wonderful, loving, and successful mom!

I hope your pregnancy is going beautifully! Keep coming back for more on my series, or click below for my previous series posts.

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