Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Planning Mode

Ok, so I've been a little lame lately. Being 5 months pregnant with a 21month old can take it's toll on how creative one can be. Most of my days consist of cleaning, spending time with my boy, dishes, napping, laundry, picking up toys, and I bet you guessed it, more cleaning. Ok, occasionally I/we get out of the house for some sanity, but it seems far and few between. So when I do get some free time, I usually take a nap, spend some much needed time with my angel Husband, or plan. Yay for planning! Now that baby boy is big enough that I'm feeling him move around and start to kick, I have been going crazy planning where he will be sleeping, getting our house organized for when he comes, packing hospital bags for myself, baby boy, my husband, and a care pack for my oldest.

I've also been planning for Christmas far in advance so I don't have to stress out when I'm 8-9 months pregnant, huge, and uncomfortable. It's sooo much easier to get it done with time to spare, and be able to enjoy the holidays and remember the true meaning behind it all. Thanksgiving isn't just about food, and Christmas isn't just about presents. They are about being grateful for all the bountiful blessings we have been given, spending time with loved ones, helping the needy, and rejoicing over the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. So for me, I love to get things planned, in order, made/bought, and sent a month or two ahead of time so I can not only make the holidays fun, memorable, and magical for my family, but less stressful for me too.

I've been wanting to post the things I've made for Christmas gifts, but that would give away the surprise for the ones I've made them for, so you'll just have to wait until after Christmas. But my Ultimate Pregnancy Check List is something that I thought new moms, or pregnant moms would enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Amy's Ultimate Pregnancy Check List

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