Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Amy's Ultimate Pregnancy Check List Series - Wishlist for Mommy

Wish list for Mommy:

If you want to breastfeed and/or pump:
  • Breast pump
  • 6-8 bottles, nipples, and a bottle brush
  • Breast milk bottles, and freezer bags
  • Disposable or washable Nursing pads (get 20 if you choose washable, you’ll go through them a lot in the first few months. If you soak through them in seconds, you might want to consider disposable, at least until your supply evens out)
  • Lanolin cream or Nipple cream (you might want to try a few different ones)
  • Buy a few different types of nipple shields (In case you have problems with latch or your nipples get sore, it’s nice to have a few to try. Some work better than others, and baby may favor one over the other)

If you want to bottle feed:
  • 3-4 different types of formula to try (if your baby is sensitive to formula, like my little guys, it’s reassuring to have a few on hand so you don’t have to rush to the store at an unearthly hour. You can get free samples from different suppliers, this is the best way to go!)
  • 6-8 bottles, nipples, and a bottle brush

Things to make your life easier:
  • Bellyband (It  helps make your jeans last longer as your belly grows. It’s great right after the baby is born. I mean, no one likes to have a floppy tummy after birth, right? And it helps you fit back into your jeans when your belly shrinks after a month or two.)
  • Nursing bras (3-4)
  • Nursing nightgown / sleepwear
  • Nursing shirts (2-3 for the first months help a bunch for when people come over)
  • Nursing cover or large receiving blanket (2, one for living room when guests pop in, and one for diaper bag for outings)
  • Disposable underwear (If you have a Cesarean, you won’t need these. Just leave them in the package and return them if you don’t need them. I found them really useful for the first few days when flow is really heavy, especially at night.)
  • Maxi pads (for the first week).
  • Witch hazel (If you pour some onto a maxi pad and put it in the freezer, you can grab one when you're stitches get sore, or if you're just achy down there)
    Free Printable: Wishlist for Mommy

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