Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make-up Magnet Board

So, since I've been working on getting my home organized and beautified I haven't had much time to make projects. But I thought I'd mix it up and share a simple but pretty way to get your make-up off your counters and out of your draws with a simple magnet board.

All you need:
14x14" piece of fabric
12x12" piece of galvanized metal
String and/or Ribbon
Elmer's glue
Super glue
Strong Magnets
Make-up articles
(or whatever you want to put on the board)

Iron your fabric so there won't be wrinkles. Place your fabric right side down on a table, and place your metal in the middle. Generously spread 1/2" of Elmer's glue (super glue doesn't work on fabric) on one edge of the metal. Fold the fabric over the side and press on to the glue.

I spread the glue around after I pressed the fabric onto it to make sure it was even, and get rid of any bumps. I also used the magnets to keep the fabric from moving, just make sure if you do, that the magnet isn't touching any glue or wet fabric. Unless you want to make it a permanent fixture. :)

After that is dry, do the opposite side. Try to pull the fabric a little taught. (This is where the magnets come in handy.)

Once the second side is dry, move on to the next two sides. I just did both at the same time because I knew the fabric wasn't going to move.

If you have enough magnets you could probably do all sides at once, but it may make it hard when you pull the fabric tight.

Next, I carefully put super glue on the magnets and glued them to my make-up articles. I used super glue because my magnets are really strong & if the glue isn't strong enough the magnet will just pop right off and stick to board. (By the way, if you get super glue on you, just use fingernail polish remover with acetone and it will come right off.)

I have a bag that holds all of my brushes and small items. I didn't glue this one, I just placed the magnet on the inside of the bag.

When everything is ready to put on the wall, tie a loop on both ends of your string or ribbon. Loop it around opposite corners, and you're ready to put it on the wall.

This is a fun and easy way to keep your make-up out of the way, easily accessible, and organized.


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