Monday, August 5, 2013

New recipes

A few weeks ago my family got together for a family reunion. It was a blast! The only tricky thing about our wonderful family is all of the allergies. Among all of the allergies we have apples, onion, garlic, dairy, soy, nuts, pork, eggplant, fake sugars, and intolerances to some grains as well. Crazy, I know! As for myself, I have been testing myself by eliminating grains and processed sugar to see if I am allergic or intolerant of anything. "What do you eat?!" you ask, well I get creative and try new things. A lot of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. But I crave chocolate sometimes, and I found a delicious recipe for brownies, but the best part is they are Unbelievable Gluten-Free Coconut Brownies!

I fell in love with the first bite, but I realized that something was missing.... whipped cream or ice cream or frosting, anything really. Well here you have it.... unbelievable gluten-free coconut brownies with coconut cream topping.

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