Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nativity - Holstein Cow

Original design created by Amy Stevens 

(available for purchase on etsy-

Stands 2 3/8" tall, 1 5/8" wide, 3 1/4" long.

You will need:
Sculpey polymer clay:
Black (042)
White (001)
Pink (1209 ballerina)

2 black seed beads
ball headed straight pin or stylus
flat headed straight pin
clay extruder (optional)

1) Roll out each body part into specified size. 

Head - 1" white ball
Nose - 1/2" ballerina (pink) ball
Ears - Two 1/2" white balls
Horns - Two 1/4" gray balls (mix 1/2 white & 1/2 black)
Body - 1 5/8" white ball
Spots - aprox. 5/8" black ball
Legs - Four 3/4" white balls
Utter - 1/2" ballerina (pink) ball
Tail - 1/4" white ball & 13/64" marbled gray ball (mix left over gray from horns & white just to marble)

2) Legs: Roll four 3/4" white balls into short, slightly tapered logs. Use thumb or a flat surface to flatten the top, and slightly flatten the bottoms. Bunch logs together, smaller ends up, angle front legs toward each other, and back legs toward each other. When in desired position, gently tap or press legs on a flat surface to flatten the bottom completely so it will stand steadily. Insert 1/2 toothpick through the length of each leg, leaving 1/2 exposed for the body to be pressed onto. 

3) Utter: Roll 1/2" ballerina (pink) ball into an oval, creating rounded points on the ends. Press width wise onto flat surface, turn 1/4 and press once more, creating a right angle on the oval shape. Pinch one flattened side between two thumbs to create space for the it to fit between legs. Press firmly onto legs. Use Pin to create a smooth seam and round away from the body. 

4) Body: Roll1 5/8" white ball into a rounded oval. Firmly press your thumb into the middle of wide side of oval to flatten slightly and create bow in back, and two humps. Round one hump, slightly shorter, for rump. Create a steeper slope for the other hump for neck. Insert 1/2 toothpick where head will be located, leaving 1/3 of it exposed for the head to be pressed onto. 

5) Tail: Use 11/64" clay extruder attachment to push 1/4" white ball into a cylinder. Gently round one end of cylinder and taper the other. Gently twist & push the two ends together to create a slight curl in tail. Roll 13/64" marbled gray ball into a rounded cone and attach to the tapered end of tail. Use stylus, or ball end of pin, to create an indent for tail on body. Press tail firmly to body. 

6) Head: Roll 1" white ball into a pear. Round out back end, press small end upward to create a place for nose. Gently press thumb vertically to create bridge of nose and make rounded boxy shape for the face. Press onto toothpick and gently wiggle/pivot around the toothpick onto the body to create a bond between the two. 

7) Nose: Roll 1/2" ballerina (pink) ball into elongated oval. Press width wise onto flat surface. Indent flat surface with fingers and gently press nose onto head. Indent middle of nose and round it out. Use stylus or ball end of pin to create nostrils. Press pinky finger firmly to indent mouth, pull down & away simultaneously. Round mouth with stylus or ball end of pin and very gently form lip of mouth. 

8) Ears: Roll two 1/2" white balls into rounded teardrops. Slightly flatten bottom end of teardrop and press small end upward. 

9) Horns: Roll two 1/4" gray balls into rounded cones. Curl top end slightly.

10) Eyes: Use flat headed pin to gently mark where seed beads will go on face. Place one bead on straight pin. Press surface of bead into clay, but do not let the pin touch the clay. Carefully slide pin out of bead. Use the flat end of the pin to gently push bead farther into the clay. Press the point of the pin on the outside of the eye, once in the middle, and once just above to create eyelash indents. Repeat again for the second eye. Use the curve of flat headed pin to create eyebrow indents above each eye. 

11) Spots: Flatten 5/8" black ball  to 1/16" thickness. Create various shapes for spots. Press various sizes of spots onto ears, body, and legs. Be careful to not to smudge black onto white. 

12) Bake: Follow directions on Sculpey clay packaging. (275° F (130° C) 15 min per/ 1/4" (6mm))

(Word to the wise: Be sure to purchase a thermometer for your oven to make sure it is at the correct temperature. Let it heat up for at least 30 minutes or longer. To test your oven, take a plain piece of clay and form a disc 1/2" wide by 1/4" tall and bake in your oven. Always open windows and turn on ventilation. It's normal to smell slight fumes, but if you begin to smell a lot of fumes, or see smoke, your oven is toooo hot! Remove it from your oven, set your oven for 10° lower, and try again with a different disc of clay. Also, if you are using a lighter color of clay, it has a tendency to brown or burn, so before you bake it... cover the pan with tin foil, just like you would a turkey. :) Also, once your items are done baking, turn your oven off and crack the door with a wooden spoon, but allow your pieces to cool in the oven. This will also help prevent cracking because it will let the items cool off evenly and gradually.)

Most of all, have fun while expressing your creativity!

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